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I think some of that is old info on Manaea.  This is from perfect game discussing him in the cape league.

"I think when he gets up in advance pro ball someday, he'll have to develop that changeup a bit more. He'll need it," Gassman said. "Right now, though, I'm not real sure he needs it that much."

From a sheer stuff standpoint, Manaea had observers and professional scouts abuzz about his fastball and slider. Manaea's fastball was consistently 93-96 throughout the summer, with some reports indicating velocities higher than that. In addition, Manaea had near pinpoint command with the hard, yet, deceptive fastball that many hitters had trouble picking up out of his hand.

The slider was an especially dominant pitch. It was 80-83 with hard, downward action, and with great depth. Meanwhile, his changeup was consistently 79-81 with improvement, though, still a developing part of his repertoire.

"I think the biggest thing is his slider was a really dirty pitch this summer. It had very, very good depth to it, and it missed a lot of bats," Gassman said. "Typically, in terms of pitch sequence, he'd go fastball, fastball away, fastball up and then go to the slider. Most of the time, if he didn't get a hitter on that slider, he'd just go right back to the fastball."