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Went to a Cape Cod League game tonight and saw Cubs 19th round pick Will Remillard who plays for Cotuit. Pulled up a lawn chair and watched him from right behind the screen. he played 5 innings. MLB draft site lists him as a Junior but he's actually a draft eligible redshirt Sophomore.

Very good arm and quick release--lot's of SB attempts in this league but Remillard threw out a guy by at least 5 feet, which is unusual.  Hard to project any power for this guy. Not much weight transfer or strength in his stroke. Interesting that he's playing in a summer league. Didn't get a chance to talk to him but guessing that Cubs want to see how he hits in next few weeks before offering him more than nominal bonus.Probably just a catch and throw guy--tipped a batter's bat tonight and got called for catcher interference. Not much size--listed at 6'1 in the handout but I don't know about that. Contact type hitter. From same school as Josh Conway---last year's 4th rounder who's now hurt.

Remillard looks like a guy who could benefit by another season in college. I'll be curious to see if he signs. Lots of scouts with radar guns here. Cotuit also has Hunter Cole, an OF from U of Georgia---a guy who might be a 1st round pick in 2014. Dynamite bat speed. Walked and stole a base both times he batted.  Looked like best player on the field. Game was at Chatham, where Kris Bryant played two summers ago.