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Re: 2019 NFL Draft
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Keep in mind that all teams have the same limited amount of money to allocate to UDFAs.  The Bears success, Matt Nagy, Club Dub, the brand spankin new Halas Hall, all of that makes a big impression on kids nowadays which helps to compete for these players.  Add to that a much improved scouting staff under Pace and you have the increased possibility of finding the next Callahan, RRH, or Meredith in this group.  Looking at some of the salaries, the highest paid include Gabe's guy Dax Raymond and Alex Bars.  I am thinking those guys (Bars health pending) have as good a chance as any to make the 53.

Ridley was not only a pure BPA along with Hall as a great pick up, but also a look ahead into the future.  The WRs will shuffle the next couple years as the big contracts (Jax, Whitehair, Trubs) come due.  Guys like Gabriel, Burton, Long, Prince, etc. will probably be cap cuts next year.  And as much as we love ARob, I don't think he will be a Bear beyond the original 3 year contract and could be a surprise cut next year.