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D.J. Moore is a true #1.  He is a stud who has produced with really shitty QBs.  He can separate and run precise routes consistently.  The next time he scores a 62 yard potentially game winning touchdown, he just needs to keep his helmet on.  The Packers tried to trade a 1st rounder for Moore and they tried to trade their 2nd for Claypool.  In a bad FA year for WR, those guys would be at the top of the list.  The Panthers insisted that they give up a '25 1st.  Pole countered with Moore and a '25 2nd, held firm, and won.  And frankly none of this would have been possible without Lovie Smith who should be at the podium announcing the Bear's first pick on draft day.

Per Brad Spielberger

D.J. Moore helps Justin Fields attack the intermediate area of the field, an area he did well targeting in 2022:

- Fields led NFL with a 66.7% completion percentage on throws 10-19 yards downfield

- D.J. Moore's 172 targets 10-19 yards downfield from 2019-22 is 2nd-most in NFL