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Re: BBFL 2019
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Issue to be voted on:
1. The Circle has discussed 3 issues and needs your vote on one.   
2. Suggestions promoted by Robb and tico failed in committee.
3.  Please vote on this issue:
  The only times we allow a player to be DLed in September is that documentation is provided that clearly states that the player is shut down for the season.

Rational:  We have a rule but we need to firm it up.  Too often whichever Circle member is making changes  has to be subjective which has caused anger and hard feelings. 

For: Curt, Dave, 82, Chi, Boris

The Circle is discussing a fourth suggestion, but we are willing to entertain others.  During the season, ideas were presented but were not posted at BBFL.

Question (Poll)   Would you support a nominal fee to award division winners?  A booby prize $ penalty for finishing last?  We continue to look for ways to keep everyone active during the year.  Give us your opinion.