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Re: Cubs in '18
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Change for change's sake can also remind the players (especially young players) that this is a production based business. Perhaps one can blame it on the short offseason, world series hangover, WBC, Joe's approach to spring training or a belated sophmore slump, but nearly every hitter not named Javy Baez reverted this year. Certainly no other hitter came back having added some new component to their games. That isn't the fault of the hitting instructor. That is all on the hitters. Jayson Heyward attempted it in a very high profile way, then turned right back into his non-productive self. Schwarber didn't improve until his Iowa trip and still was a shell of his pre-injury self. I can't name anyone who improve year over year other than Javy and for a stretch, Contreras.  I don't know that that is all on Mallee, but if you don't judge hitting coaches on such things what do you judge them on?