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Re: Today's Game 2018
« on: February 24, 2018, 10:50:20 pm »
I listened to last half.  Got to here Mills, Maples, Underwood, and De la Cruz all pitch.  Mills and De la Cruz were both guys I was really interested in entering last year; then they missed so much that I kinda forgot about them.  Glad both were healthy enough to come out pitching. 

Radio notes:  Maples hit 97, good stuff, but was wild and walked a guy. 

Mills, who's obviously not a fast stuff guy and depends on location, walked first guy on 4 pitches, missing badly on all before settling.  Last year coming in, he was a guy with a shot to emerge as their #6 starter, and that never got close to being true.  But perhaps he'll settle in and be available for that role, an alternative to Tsen, this year? 

Underwood was 93-94, whiffed first guy on 3 pitches and finished his 1-2-3 inning in about 6 pitches, all strikes. 

De la Cruz had an easy inning, they said he was 93 and looked really good, although after getting ahead on one guy 0-2 he nibbled off the edge and walked im.  They said he worked really, really fast. 

It would be super cool if De la Cruz stayed healthy all year, and had a big breakout year.  The Callis and BA scouting reports suggest he projects as a fairly decent-control strike-thrower, and has good stuff.  If he stayed healthy and had a breakout season, would be fun to have Alzolay thriving in AAA and De la Cruz looking really good in AA during the second half.