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Re: Today's Game 2019
« on: February 23, 2019, 04:27:41 pm »
Bryant apparently is a wee bit honked off at people doubting him.

You may be correct.

Mark Gonzales‏
Bryant, on past and current criticism: "I read one thing and it just motivates me to either shut that person up or prove them wrong. I’ve been doing that my entire life, so bring it on."

Jesse Rogers
Bryant:"When you’re not playing you have a whole lot of time to just sit there and either go through a twitter rabbit hole and start seeing things about yourself,or seeing things about ‘trade him’ and this and that.And I’m like ‘Alright.I’m motivated, keep ‘em coming. Bring it’”

Sahadev Sharma‏
Hard-hit, solid single pulled to left for Kris Bryant as he's taken out for a pinch-runner. I'm not one to care about spring stats at all, but seeing KB pull the ball with authority twice is exactly what people worried about his shoulder need to allay those fears.
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