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Russell was $3.4 this year.  Assuming the Cubs non-tender him to get out from underneath his $3.4 contract, I wonder what kind of contract he'll get as a FA?  With his baggage and bat, is it possible he won't get a guaranteed contract anywhere, and might settle for some kind of a split contract? 

If Russell is non-tendered and signs a full major league one-year deal for 2020 only, that deal typically is not guaranteed until the season starts. Even a major league deal. (A multi- year deal is differentó-see Daniel Descalso).

A split contract is something else entirely, with different major and minor salaries.

Will be surprised if Russell doesnít get a full major league deal in the event heís non- tendered, as a superior defensive SS entering his prime age years and a .150 iso. That would be unusual for a player of his caliber, even with his domestic abuse history.

Think it's even conceivable that there will be a limited trade market for him with a club willing to take on the arb salary into spring training, perhaps as a piece in a multi-player deal. Donít think the domestic abuse history will be quite the impediment it was a year ago regarding a market for him .

Think it unlikely Russell is back with Cubs one way or the other, in no small part because of Hoernerís arrival. Cubs just donít really need him anymore. Think it also likely that Cubs actively pursue a leadoff guy, perhaps impacting games available at 2B for Russell.

Russell is a premier defensive SS and these kind of guys, one way or another, end up playing SS. So, clubs needing a SS will take a look.