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I believe that Russell's return to the Cubs depends upon whether or not he is willing to be non-tendered and sign at a lower rate, probably 1.5 million.  As Reb says, superior defensive shortstops are valuable in the MLB, but probably not as valuable as 3.4 million, especially with his backgroung.

But he probably has more value than most defensive shortstops, because he DOES have more power than most strictly D shortstops, and has some history of good offensive value at the MLB level.  If the Cubs sign him as a defensive backup, they enjoy the possibility that a resurgence in his offensive could raise his trade value immensely, just about the time that Hoerner is ready.

And my personal opinion is that Hoerner is NOT ready at this point.  Even the adjustments that the league has made in the short time he has been here has dropped his offensive production from the 350s down to the 280s.  I would like to see him with a full year of AAA experience behind him before he comes up again.  A young player has only 6 years of control at the MLB level before he is able to leave.  Why waste the first one or even two at relatively poor performance levels, and lose him just as he hits his prime?