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Re: Today's Game
« on: August 22, 2011, 10:39:39 am »
Guys to watch:
all offensive lineman
Gholston (is he good enough to put Wooten on IR)
Paea (he needs to stop standing up at the snap)
Marcus Harrison (unless he can play some DE it will be hard for him to make this team)
Major Wright (we know he can tackle...)
Josh Moore (tackle somebody)
Chris Contie (tackle somebody)
Hurd (we know he can play special teams)
Sanzenbacher and Kris Adams (one of these 2 could make the roster)
Dom DeCicco (can he win the 6th LB spot?)
Khalil Bell (does he take Chester Taylor's job?)
Harvey Unga (does he make the team or is he off to the PS?)
Kyle Adams and Andre Smith (if we keep 4 TEs one of these might stick)
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