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Re: Today's Game
« on: August 03, 2018, 07:46:18 am »

1.  New helmet rule stinks... badly. None of those "Personal Fouls" should have been called......
1B. New kickoff rule so far is "meh".

2. Fowler III we barely knew ye..... and won't from here on out....See ya....

3. D didn't look too bad. Secondary was usually in the right place. LBs were up and down. Not too worried (yet).

4. Tyler Bray is 6'6"" of horrible QB. If he were 6'3" or less he wouldn't be on any team. He's better than Glennon was, but that's a very low hanging fruit.......

5. Javon Wims seems quite good.. gets open and catches that oblong brown thing very well even on badly placed throws....

6. Think they are OK on RB depth.

7. Football is back ! At least it was a game of sorts..... :D