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Re: Today’s Game 2019
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I knew as soon as I saw all the 85 Bears marching out waving white flags we were going to lose.  Let that 85 shiit rest already, and what was the point of waving white towels???

The OL was putrid last night, between pressure and penalties.  Trubisky was putrid.  What was up with those passes to Patterson where he was just lobbing them up in the air, but not far enough?  And it looked like he thought it was still preseaon throwing INTO double coverage, see INT for example.  And it seems like he has been nuetered and is afraid to run.  Anthony Miller targeted exatly ONE time.  WTF???  RB Davis was ok, but Montgomery was much better, but yes the Fudge were keying on him as a running play.  Try throwing to him some more.  Shaheen was putrid.  And Burton the pusssy didnt play in another big game.  I am not buying the "mystery" groin strain at all.  If we cant count on him, lets find someone we can count on.  Robinson looked good, but man he needs some help.  And did Cohen get any runs?  He was supposed to be our 3rd/all purpose player.  And Taylor Gabriel with the pushing off, not sure if that is on him or Trubiskys bad passes/not far enough.

D was good, and Roquan had some nice plays.  I was hoping for a little more.  At first I didnt think Clinton-Dix was even playing, as he was invisible.  The old I'm not doing anything to my ex-team, ala Burton.  But I did see his jersey in the second half.  I guess I was hoping/wishing for some more turnovers or picks.  They held them to 10 pts, so cant complain too much, but Mr Vaseline has that knack for getting rid of the ball at the last second.  I loved the sacks, and the last one he was kind of ginger getting up from. 

Overall I think all that superbowl hype went to their heads.  If the O cant get it together it will be a 7-9 year.  If I was Nagy I would make sure every O starter next year plays in the preseason, at lest until they show they are competent.  This could be a long year, and the last 8 months were hard enough, but last night was painful.