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Re: Today’s Game 2019
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Had to record the game and watched it last night well after midnight, so I haven't sifted through the posts (apologize for anything redundant).

1)  Defense did a helluva job.  Did just about everything better than last year, except for one thing.  Getting turnovers.  But they played well enough to win the game if they had an average output from the offense.  Holding Rodgers and Devante Adams to those numbers was an accomplishment.  But they would have had to be perfect and thrown a shutout to win this game.   Would have liked to seen more of Jackson and Clinton-Dix but they did their jobs.  Floyd is a monster with 2 hands isn't he?  And Robertson-Harris had a nice game when given some quality minutes.  Did anyone notice that Trevathan was kind of quiet?

2)  Offensive line - When you have a pass run ratio that is incredibly one sided it puts a lot of pressure on the QB and the O-line.  I thought for the most part they did an OK job.  A lot of the sacks were not their fault...but the last one was all  Whitehairs.  Also this was Daniels first game at center in the NFL.  I was concerned going in about his matchup with Kenny Clark - he's good. 

3) Wide receivers.  Gabriel had a tough night.  So close on two big catches that could have turned the game around.  Robinson was an all out stud - nuff said.  Where the H was Miller?  Targeted twice?  As I'm sure someone mentioned - the Packers played tight coverage daring the Bears wideouts to beat them (and the opposite was the Bears corners playing sometimes 10 yards off the wide receivers often giving them easy 7 to 8 yards).

4)  Running backs.  We need to see more of Montgomery.  In fact we need to see more of all the running backs...actually running.  Nagy has a tendency to abandon the run way too early in games.

5)  QB - Trubisky is not the Qb that you can drop back over 50 times in a game.  15 running plays and 3 of those were Trubisky scrambles.  There's something to him getting rid of the ball quickly.  The longer he sits back there the lower his rating drops.  He's got athleticism - he's got the arm, but his pocket presence was not good.   Part of that could be the receivers were not open - but part of it falls on him not finding secondary receivers and forcing the ball when his primary is open.

6)  TE - Shaheen...really?   You double dribble on your only catch.  Two games in a row without Burton - two losses.
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