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Re: Today’s Game 2019
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FWIW now that I've had time to let the game sink in a little:

The Good:
Defense is stout. Regression ? I didn't see any regression. Only scoring drive they gave up was on a hurry up drive (can't recall if Mack was taking a breather or not) and a busted play. Expected Rodgers to make at least 1-2 plays a game like that.

Montgomery is a beast (as is Robinson). The rest of the O... not so much.....

Oh and the Bears have a 100% FG percentage. YAY !

The Bad:
Special teams still taking the "Special Bus". ST coordinator (despite Nagys pathetic playcalling this game) I think is still the weakest coach of the bunch.

For some reason the Bears receivers looked like they were glued to the Packer secondary most of the night.

Trubisky looked rusty. Maybe some more pre-season play would've helped ?

The Ugly: (and now the angst :D)
Nagy's playcalling. WTF was that all about ? Patterson in a dive up the middle on 3rd and short ? Patterson out in routs (that he cannot run) and all those **** passes, Christ....

And speaking of runs, why the hell wasn't Montgomery in the game more and what happened to calling runs at all (he runs angry and is going to be a force in the NFL).

Shaheen. Waste. Of. Space. 'nuff said. Don't even get me started on "No Show" Burton......

Oline play. Too bad they didn't get more playing time in pre-season. Again what seems to be a bad Nagy decision

"One game does not a season make" but boy do they have to put this one behind them and wake the **** up. Maybe they were buying into their own hype ? Expect better next week but they may be lucky to be .500 going into the bye if the change is only incremental.....