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Re: Today’s Game 2019
« Reply #75 on: September 06, 2019, 05:47:06 pm »
We're all mad as hell.  Like many of you were doing earlier in the evening,  I was screaming at my TV at 3am this morning watching the recording of the game (surprised no one at home heard me).

Sure, I felt bad that we got embarrassed on national TV against our biggest rival in the 100th year of the NFL - just like we did when they retired Sayers and Butkus number years ago.  And I also threw a pity party on why the Bears can't ever have a decent offense.  I've spent, decades watching a defense play its heart out and then the keystone cops Bears offense lines up and trips over their diks.

But did you notice the completions Trubisky made were usually in very tight windows.  The passes to Robinson down the sideline.  Even the pass when Gabriel was pushed out of bounds was tight throw.  Some of Cohen's throws had guys closing in on him a split second before the ball arrived.  I give credit to the Pack on their DB play.  They have loaded up on DBs the past 4 or 5 years in the draft and now have 2 #1s, a #2 and Amos.   With the Bears abandoning the run it played right into their 4 - 1- 6 alignment. 

I bet the Bears don't want to wait 10 days to wipe the stench of this game from their memory, but it will give them some time to work things out and maybe even Burton can use the time to get back to health.  And I'd bet Miller isn't 100% right now either.