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Re: 2020 NFL Draft
« on: December 30, 2019, 09:31:16 am »
I found this interesting, especially since even the NFL playoffs havent even started. Well take it for what its worth:

Hurts, who entered Saturday's game with an outside chance to sneak into the end of the first round, will all but certainly be available for the Bears' in the second round barring an unbelievable performance at the Scouting Combine or his Pro Day.

The question general manager Ryan Pace must now figure out is whether Hurts' failure in the College Football Playoff was impactful enough to remove him from the Bears' draft plans in April.

Amazing! And dont take this mean I am advocating him to do this. Its just when talent unexpectedly drops, people tend to jump on that. Dallas or the Pats are known for that. Personally, unless

Hurts breaks a leg before the draft I dont see him getting out of the 1st round. Who knows, I just dont expect miracles.