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Re: 2020 NFL Draft
« on: January 06, 2020, 01:25:32 pm »

Bears don't have a whole lot of draft ammo.  They have the two second rounders (#43 and #50) and possibly a 4th round comp pick and various 5th, 6th and 7th rounders.

Pace has talked about trading down. 

One would assume offensive line has to be addressed but Pace recently signed 3 of those guys to new deals that could affect the cap.  I thought Daniels struggled his sophomore season but he had the best PFF ranking of the group.  Not sure why Nagy played Ted Larsen against the Vikes when it was a perfect opportunity to give Bars a start. 

TE has to be on the shopping list.  A legit receiving TE with speed and size - not a converted WR or basketball player either.  If Burton comes back 100% - great, we can still use him.  Bears medical screwed up determining the extent of his injury.

What is Gabriel's status?  Wyms did not take advantage of extended playing time.  Miller showed flashes but disappeared in many games.  Could use another speed guy.

Defense - did well in points given up but turnovers we're way down which hurt our offense which depended on them to give them shorter fields in 2018.  Quite a few question marks at CB, safety and ILB, plus need more depth in the d-line. 

Floyd had no injury excuses for lack of sacks - though he was solid in all other areas.  Can Bears afford to pay  him - can Bears afford not to?   Edge guys, aside from QB, are the most difficult to find.