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Re: 2021 NFL Draft
« on: January 10, 2021, 08:15:42 pm »
He should be a FA and gone but that's probably not what will happen I'm guessing. He sure ain't the future of this club at QB! So they'll have to get a QB in the draft.....again.....(and again and again and... ::)). The Bears since 2011 have drafted only three QBs, something I find stunning considering their decades long quality deficit at that position. Trubisky in 17', David Fales (and he did....) in 14' and Nathan Enderle (he indeed ended early...) in 11'. But they seriously 'Fale' in FA....of which they've had a bunch of QBs. Chase Daniel, Cutler which may be 'half' a success, Matt Barkley (??), Brian Hoyer ( some of these guys I don't even remember...), Jimmy Clausen, Josh McCown, Jason Campbell (??) and Caleb Hanie...all since 2011. ::) What a anyone can find a shard of hope for the future out of simply looking at the nightmare past is beyond me. It's a train wreck.....