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Re: 2023 NFL Draft
« on: December 28, 2022, 11:37:17 am »
However, if Houston loses out as well as the Bears.

Bears need AZ Cardinals to upset Falcons in Atlanta.

Cardinals won't draft a QB but Falcons should.  Enhances trade down opportunities and keeps Bears in top 4 to where one of the 2 top defenders might be available:

1 Houston
2 Chicago
3 Seattle
4 Arizona
5 Colts
6 Falcons

1 Houston = need QB
2 Chicago = need DL
3 Seattle =  need QB unless they are satisfied with 32 year old FA Geno Smith who has come down to earth the last few weeks
4 Falcons = need QB unless they are satisfied with Marcus Mariotta and Desmond Ridder - I don't think so
5 AZ = does not need QB
6 Colts - need QB

Bears trade down to Seattle or Falcons and still have chance at Anderson or Carter OR trade down to Colts and take DE Murphy or Wilson
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