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Re: 2023 NFL Draft
« on: December 28, 2022, 12:25:49 pm »
However, if Houston loses out as well as the Bears.

Bears need AZ Cardinals to upset Falcons in Atlanta.

Cardinals won't draft a QB but Falcons should.  Enhances trade down opportunities and keeps Bears in top 4 to where one of the 2 top defenders might be available:

1 Houston
2 Chicago
3 Seattle
4 Arizona
5 Colts
6 Falcons

1 Houston = need QB
2 Chicago = need DL
3 Seattle =  need QB unless they are satisfied with 32 year old FA Geno Smith who has come down to earth the last few weeks
4 Falcons = need QB unless they are satisfied with Marcus Mariotta and Desmond Ridder - I don't think so
5 AZ = does not need QB
6 Colts - need QB

Bears trade down to Seattle or Falcons and still have chance at Anderson or Carter OR trade down to Colts and take DE Murphy or Wilson

You got it. Right on.