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Re: 2023 NFL Draft
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JJ - I think the Bears are putting their eggs in Eddie Jackson's basket.  He was having a nice season when he suffered that injury.

 I was thinking of CJ Gardner-Johnson as a compliment to Eddie Jackson. My problem is I don't know what the price tag would be. He is 25 years old,

 The kind of age Poles likes. Here's the 4 Chicago Bears making eight figures at this point in time :
 D.J. Moore $20,165,000

 Eddie Jackson $17,090,000

 Tremaine Edmunds $14,687,500

 Cody Whitehair $14,100,000

 On the other hand you have guys like this being paid and you go : WTF ??

 Khalil Herbert $972,676

 Jack Sanborn $872,500