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Re: 2022 NFL Draft
« on: December 30, 2021, 01:54:59 pm »
Pace paid the price to go get Fields, and we hope he is the right choice.  I would agree, he has shown traits that we haven't seen here.  Watching Tua on Monday night, I liked how often he went short on early downs, take the 5 yards they are giving you.  Keep 2nd and 3rd down more manageable, and make the defense defend the whole field.  It also helped Tua a lot having a true number 1 receiver.  Mooney is a nice 2/3 receiver.  At this stage he is not a Diggs or Thielen - players I think he more closely resembles.  You get him that true number 1, and it dictates coverage. 

Use Kmet more, we saw what Foles did with him.  I was on the side that it was okay to let Olsen go several years ago.  He fumbled too much, he was okay.  How wrong was I?  He developed and matured and became an all pro in Carolina.  Kmet is still 21 I believe, his best football is ahead of him.

Rodgers does the same thing.  He's constantly throwing sideways and then every once in a while goes for the deep one down the sideline or a long one over the middle.

Mooney definitely needs help - that guy could have been A-Rob but for various reasons it didn't work out this year.

The Bears have under utilized the TE position most of the season - especially in the red zone.  For once I'd like see Kmet catch something in stride.  Most of his patterns are hooks or outs - a few slants and hardly ever anything down the field.