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Re: Politics, Religion, etc.
« Reply #41265 on: September 22, 2022, 01:19:46 pm »
It is a civil suit which means it is total BS.  If she actually had anything she would have charged him with a crime.  Does anyone think the bank just takes your word for what your property is worth?

No! They either hire someone or use in house resources to determine the value of the business or property.  If they just took whatever number the borrower stated it was worth they would be out of business pretty damn quick.

The banks were paid all of the money owed to them and made money.  If they had been defrauded why didn't they sue him?  They didn't because they weren't.

But they got Trump this time!  What is this the 40th or 50th time they got him and he is going to jail for real.  In a civil suit...
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