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Re: Today's Game 2020
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Kmet's toss of the ball seemed harmless - was that the reason for the penalty?   Has local Chicago media discussed this?

It did seem odd a guy would get a taunting penalty after a one yard catch.

As for Graham - deja vu.  Bears ignored Graham in the red zone against the Packers too....until the last play of the game.  This time Trubisky threw the ball into the end zone.

As for the poor rushing totals against the Saints - this is what Foles and Nagy's playcalling had to deal with when they faced 4 top 10 defenses.   Then Trubisky and Lazor take over and all of a sudden the offense was transformed.

Same offense except for inserting Bars for Coward and moving Ifedi to tackle.  But the big difference was facing bottom tier defenses in Minnesota, Jacksonville and Houston.  You saw what happened against better defenses in Green Bay and New Orleans.