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Re: Today’s Game 2023
« Reply #195 on: September 17, 2023, 09:34:51 pm »
Baker Mayfield ran better than Justin Fields.  Teams have not only figured out how to stop Fields throwing the ball - he can't even run the ball any longer.

Instead of taking off when he sees no one open - he's been told to stay in the pocket he does and takes the sack.

Ive been a supporter of Braxton Jones but he singlehanddidly destroyed one drive.  Whitehair was owned out there.  The only guy I didn't notice getting beat was Carter the RG.  But I'll wait for the grades.   The thing is, they all take turns screwing up.

Tyrique Stevenson was beat on at least a couple plays.  Though one wasn't his fault - he was forearmed out of the play.  But he was beaten badly on the Bucs TD in the corner.

Defense was horrid especially the tackling but somehow kept the Bears in the game until the end.   

Hard to come up with any good performances.  Herbert and RJ had some good runs.  Claypool redeemed himself with the TD.  Green had the FG block.  Not much else.