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No fighting the Headless Horseman in WoW this year. One of the things I'll miss about the game. I really don't miss much else though. Haven't been doing any gaming to speak of. We're gonna get the kids a Xbox 360 for Christmas so I'll be getting games for that soon enough. Still prefer keyboard for gaming over a joystick,especially first person shooters. Just seems more intuitive using a mouse to aim where ya wanna go over a little joystick nob deal or buttons. Will definately take some time to get used to that if ever.....
Man, I'm gettin' old. Gaming doesn't do it for me anymore, riding roller coasters doesn't do it either. Used to love both now I'm happy to sit on my butt watching the kids ride. This sucks...hate getting old. What's next, Lawrence Welk reruns? I do actually like swing and whatnot....listen to Sinatra, Dean Martin, Harry Conick Jr.....oh well....
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