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Re: Video Gaming
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They lost a ton after Cataclysm which was not well received.  Still has the most subscirbers of any MMO.

They have lost millions of subscribers though.  Which is why if you buy a year subscription of WoW they will give you D3 for free.

Skyrim is a single player game.  It is an open ended world where you can do whatever you want.  It has professions and factions, you can buy a house etc.

You can buy it on PC as well.  If you are interested in single player RPG's it is the best ever made.  A huge world with tons of quests and things to explore.  You can literally do whatever you want.  Of course if you steal or murder there will be abounty put on your head and the guards in the town will try and kill you or arrest you.  Your bounty is different from town to town so you can be a hero in one town and a villain in another.  Me personally I never steal or murder it is just not the way I play the game.  But you can if you want. 

Yesterday while playing I had a dragon attack me and I was hiding behind a rock healing up.  When I went to go look for the dragon it was fighting a giant I had seen nearby.  It was then easy for me to kill it from a distance.  I got lucky if that had not happened I probably would have had to load from an earlier save.