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Re: Video Gaming
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In D3 you can have 4 people playing together at one time.  While you can join a game with anyone only 4 at one time which is obviously not like WoW or other MMO's.  Part of the reason for this is each game started is completely random.  You can start a game and fight your way to and kill a boss to loot him then start a new game and do it again if you like.

One of the cool things is that randomly generated champions will carry just as good of loot as bosses.  I feel it will add a ton of excitement when you find one.  Kind of like WoW when you found a rare champion only to find out the lott sucked.  This time the loot will be awesome that they drop.     

At the auction house you can trade with anyone on your server.

Personally I prefer Diablo to WoW because I will not have to group with strangers just to do anything meaningful when my friends aren't online.  However grouping will be awesome because while the mobs get tougher 4 players will still wipe them out way quicker then if you were doing it solo. 

I like that I can find an awesome item by myself.  I hated that in WoW if there were no friends online I lost interest.  Especially when everyone quit playing WoW there was no reason to continue by myself.  I would log on check auction house run a few daily's and log if not enough people to run an instance showed up.

In D3 every single game is an instance wether it is one person or four.  Plus if you only have one, two or three people you can still kill the bosses and champions and get loot.  Plus the lowliest mob can drop an awesome item.  Granted it is pretty rare but possible.

The 4 person limit is probably the biggest draw back to this game.  However they could increase that down the road. 

Also playing h ardcore is such a rush.  If you die that is it your character is dead for good.  It really gives you a rush even playing solo.

Although that is just an option.  Most people will not play in that mode even though the loot is better or at least it was in the old games.