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« Reply #1095 on: September 18, 2023, 12:03:55 pm »
You guys make great points!  Fair and valid across the board.

I am guilty of not looking at my team for a bit as my team was going nowhere quickly and the league doesn't reward anyone for being pretty good.  If there was a playoff system my strategy would have been far different, but there isn't so it is hard to not sell off parts to plan for next season.

Matt is a freshman in college.  He has a lot of other stuff going on besides fantasy baseball (unlike us old guys).  He has been acclimating to school, working almost a full time job, studying for classes, attending classes and maybe having an occasional beer.  He had time to consider a prospect and certainly had time to look at his lineup but didn't do so as his team is firmly in the basement.

I will flip my roster around to make it legal and advise Matt to do the same. 

While not attempting to justify, I would bet a lot of money that a playoff system that including 8 of 16 teams would change the strategy of a lot of owners.