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Over the years, I have seen a great number of players make spectacular plays.  Fielding a bunt and throwing between the legs to first.  Fielding a ground ball and throwing behind the back to second.  Wood and Prior reaching behind their back to catch a line drive.  Fielders throwing while sitting to turn a hit into an out.  They are always fun to watch, whichever team makes the plays.

But I have never seen a single player make so many unbelievable plays that it becomes a pattern of play, until Baez came around.  I have never even heard of the suggestion that "tagging" could be a talent or skill.  Not since Maury Wills have I seen "tag evasion" used on a routine basis.

When you combine these actions with outstanding fielding and better than average offensive abilities, it makes Baez a unique talent that is not likely to be duplicated in my lifetime, nor that of those much younger than myself.  The Cubs would be foolish to let him become a free agent at this stage of his career.  He makes baseball fun to watch again.
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