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In December of 1960, Cubs Owner P.K. Wrigley announced that the team was going to do away with having a manager, and instead, was going to use a rotation of different coaches throughout the season. The experts ridiculed the idea and they were right. Wrigley's contention that it was better for players to discern wisdom from eight men instead of one backfired with everything else that could go wrong with rotating the 'head coach.' The Cubs brought in eight men to rotate from the major league club to the minor league teams, with all of them taking turns to be in charge. However, the coaches would never help out the acting head coach, leaving him to fend for himself. The differing lineups and style of play resulted in two of the worsts seasons in franchise history. After going 64-90 in 1961, they dropped to 59-102 in 1962. Only the expansion Mets, who lost 120 games, were worse.