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And a few years later Milwaukee, unable to support a major league team, watched the Braves leave for Atlanta.

Braves had a winning team in Milwaukee every year, although they became quality also-rans by around 1962.

But, they had an extraordinary run in Milwaukee after moving from Boston for the 1953 season, averaging 1.99 M from 1953 thru 1958, setting all-time NL attendance records. In that same period, the woeful Cubs averaged 783,000. The Braves in Milwaukee 1953-1958 even outdrew the Yankees by a sizable margin: Yanks averaged 1.487 M in that period.

There was a big drop in attendance when they stopped winning pennants. But, even in 1964, they outdrew the Cubs 900,000 to 750,000óBraves last season before they played 1965 in Milwaukee after announcing in 1964 they were moving to Atlanta. They barely exceeded 500,000 as a lame duck franchise.

Itís an interesting history.