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Re: Cubs History
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Cubs hope for a 0.500 season:

The only solid addition the Cubs made to their pitching staff in the off-season was relief pitcher __ __ acquired from the Cardinals.  And to get him they had to give up -- --, which left them with a gaping hole at shortstop.

Chicago also lacks a ML catcher and has virtually no bench strength.  Once again the catching burden falls to Steve ---, George ---, and Tim ----.

But it's not all dreary for the Cubs, There's __ who batted a more than solid 0.354

--- --- could be the best fielding first baseman in the league.  In addition, he hit 0.293 .,

How much the Cubs can improve depends on their pitching rotation.  Because of youth it has potential.  Ray ---, Bill ---, __ ---, and ___ ___ all won in double figures last season.

All four starters are right-handers and if the Cubs hope to develop a left handed starter they'll have to look at the likes of Tom ---, Ken ----, Jim ..., Donnie ..., Willie ---, and Geoff ....

No fault can be found in the Cubs outfield.  __ batted 0.317 and is the best hit and run man on the team. --- had a 0.267 average with 17 homers. --- batted 0.270 with 12 homers.  All three excel on defense.

On the bench, the Cubs have Vic ..., Pete ..., John ..., Joe ..., and Jim ... Only Joe batted above 0.231 and he did that in only 16 games.