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That was an article I clipped from the Cedar Rapids, IA paper but was an AP story. 

In case you're wondering about the lefties: They were Tom Dettore, Ken Frailing, Jim Kremmel, Donnie Moore, Willie Prall, and Geoff Zahn.  I don't even remember Kremmel.

... and the bench ...
Vic Harris, Pete LaCock, John Summers (before his nickname?), Joe Wallis, and Jim Tyrone

Summers had the nickname Champ since he was in high school.
Competing with Summers for center field was "Tarzan" Joe Wallis.
Pete LaCock of course was the son of Peter? Marshall, a game show host in Hollywood.
Jim Tyrone had a brother, Wayne? who later played for the Cubs.
The one that gave me the clue was George Mitterwald, who held (and may still hold) the Cubs record of 8 RBIs in a game.
The shortstop traded away was Don Kessinger.  Don't remember the reliever they got for him, but I think his name began with an M.
Of course, Bill Madlock was the one that hit .354.
Competing with Mitterwald as Catcher was Steve Swisher, one of 4 or 5 brought in for Santo.