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Re: Cubs in '19
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Twins hired rookie Rocco Baldelli as their manager.  He's been great.  Really smart, nice, articulate, saber-smart, straightforward, sincere, honest, etc.. 

Obviously the Cubs don't have the Twins talent and no manager is going to show up and win >100 games like Baldelli did. 

I just mention him as a rookie who showed up and was immediately terrific.  So I think the qualities the guy brings is more important than experience or lack thereof.  I'm fine with a rookie manager, *IF* he's got the right attributes. 

Can the Cubs move to the AL Central, because I think that would fix a lot of their problems if the got to play 57 (41-16) games against teams with a combined -635 run differential.   Against the bottom 7 teams in run differential the Twins where 54-19.  The Cubs where 23-11.