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Re: Cubs in '20
« on: September 30, 2019, 04:44:53 pm »
Jesse Rogers has an interesting piece on Maddon's departure, the issues the team has had and what they need in a new manager.  It includes the following:

"The Cubs might already have their next manager in mind, but at the very least they should know the qualities they need. Maddon worked hard to connect with a younger generation of players, but a younger manager and former major leaguer will inherently speak the millennial language. Whether the next manager has experience or not, he had better understand the ever-changing dynamics within a pitching staff, especially as it relates to the National League. If people wondered about Maddon's bullpen maneuvers, what will they say of a rookie manager's?

"Just as important as any in-game decision, the new manager must work with a firmer hand. By their own admission, Cubs players have been pampered by owner Tom Ricketts and team brass. It's first class all the way, but the players haven't always reciprocated. In a sense, it feels as if they've taken advantage of their parents and now need a little more discipline in their lives."

If those are legitimately the concerns, is it really a good idea to hire the guy those players are publicly asking you to hire?