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Re: Cubs in '20
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Theo’s press conference is really a rorscharch test of your Cubs fandom.

Cubs non-pitchers had a 74.2% contact percentage. The 15 team was 76.5%. The number 5 team was 77.7%. The Astros were top at team at 80.8%.

Bryant (74.1%) Schwarber (73.9%) and Happ (71.7)ranked 9, 10, 13 on the Cubs this year. Castellanos was 16 at 70.4%. Contreras 18th at 69.7%  Baez ranked 20th at 66.7%.   I set it to a minimum of 50 PA.

My gut is that the Cubs will look into trading some of the position players, but the returns won’t be worth enough and you’ll see them supplement. So you stick Happ in CF and bring in somebody like Jarred Dyson to platoon with him. Hoerner and his contact percentage gets 2B and you protect him some with Kemp and Bolte.

The Dodgers had a run differential of +273, the Cubs +97.  The Dodgers starting rotation pitched 893 IP and gave up 344 runs. The Cubs starting rotation pitched 888 IP and gave up 455 runs. The Cubs were -111 runs to the Dodgers because of their rotation. That needs to be fixed or the Cubs offense is going to have to score 1000+ runs to win the World Series.