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Re: Cubs in '20
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Maybe in Theo's world, Schwarber's hot stretch makes him a stud?  Certainly not Heyward.  I don't think Happ's good week qualifies, either.....   

Maybe he's just trying to sell Contreras and Schwarber.  Who knows.  I thought it was fun that he was selling the idea that Contreras has fixed pitch-framing, and late in year he figured out what's going to work for him, that he's going to work at it this winter, and that he's going to be a MUCH improved framer next season.  I'm an optimist so love those spring camp hope-springs-eternal stories, so I'll be happy to believe it might be true.  :) But I admit I don't really see how you "work on" framing big-league velocity and movement during a winter hanging out at home? 

Schwarber's "hot stretch" lasted either a full half season (.996 OPS) or full season (.871 OPS).  Come on, craig. I've never been a particular Schwarber fan, but reality requires he be given credit for a terrific second half season (not just a hot stretch) and an overall very solid season at the plate.

He did not claim that Contreras had "fixed" his pitch framing issues.  He said that Contreras tried different approaches to improving pitch framing and found one approach toward the end of the season that he was comfortable with, and that he would work on that over the winter.