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Re: Cubs in '20
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No, Cubs were not over in 2018.   Over in 2019.

I suppose they could still get under in 2020 if things go bad.

Thanks.   So next year's draft pick won't be compromised.  That's potentially helpful.  In such a short season, things could be pretty unpredictable.  I don't anticpate the Cubs taking 12th place or anything in the NL, but with such a short season, it wouldn't really be that hard.  Maybe they'll end up with a top-10 pick next year? 

I think it's going to be hard to get under "if things go bad". 

Spotrac has a really detailed competitive balance tax total.
*It lists the Cubs at $8.6 million over the cap. 
*Even if you give up and trade guys after only 20 games, it would take at least 3 big-ticket dumps to unload $8.6 in salary: 
-40 games: Quintana: $2.6M,  Kimbrel:  $3.54,  Chatwood:  $3.13

I wonder how they'll calculate lux tax:  30 games is half of a 60-game season, but 18.5% of 162.  If you trade Quintana after 30 games, would the Cubs be only liable for 50% of his full-season lux line, because 30 games is half of the actual season?  Or if they trade him after 30 games, are they still liable for over 80% of his lux line? 

Or if they got somebody to take Q right now, might they be fully relieved of his full $10.5 line, because he played the full season elsewhere?  Or would the Cubs still be liable for the 102 unplayed games, and he'd still count as $6.6 against their lux line?