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Re: Cubs in '20
« Reply #2955 on: September 15, 2020, 03:18:03 pm »
Get it that Mills would like to pattern his work after Hendricks, but donít really see similarity.

Hendricks at times makes hitters look awkward. Of course has a true Plus Plus pitch with his change-up.

Mills doesnít make hitters look bad or miss bats and doesnít have a Plus pitch. He has a .211 BABIP this season (Hendricks has his typical .285). Millsí underlying numbers are very similar to his 2019 Iowa numbers (when he had ERA of 5.00), except far fewer hits [BABIP] and fewer Ks [!!]. Probably being helped by having a major league defense behind him, compared to Iowa Cubs defense.

So, guessing he might be a solid, reliable #5 starter going forward but going to be surprised if heís better than that.