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Re: Cubs in '20
« Reply #2955 on: September 15, 2020, 03:24:56 pm »
I still believe these two guys need to be separated in the rotation.

Yelich has had thousands of pro AB's.  Does facing Hendricks 3-4 times on Saturday really change his muscle memory or slow down his bat to better handle Mills 20 hours later? 

Brewers have scouting reports, and Yelich has faced lots of pitchers.  Does facing Hendricks Saturday improve his understanding of how Mills will pitch him on Sunday?  Will he better guess sequencing on Sunday because he saw Hendricks on Saturday instead of on Friday? 

Both are soft-toss righties.  Does seeing Hendricks' change on Saturday help Yelich hit Mills' curve on Sunday? 

I know it's traditional view, that stacking similar-style pitchers benefits hitters.  Maybe it's true.  But I wonder.