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Re: Cubs in '22
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Whatever and whenever future decline might come, the Cubs evaluation of his market value should probably factor that he has ALREADY declined.  Rookie/sophomore Contreras was a good-average hitter (.282, .276) with strong asset OPS .845, .855.  I think for us Cubs fans, there was a justifiable sense that he might be an MVP guy, and that the best might still be ahead for him... as a hitter. 

That shouldn't be the mind-set for his next contract.  It should be as a high-energy plus-defense guy, who's probably going to be a low-average hitter with a low-mid-.700's OPS until at some point he declines.  IN three of the four last years, he's slugged .390, .407, and .417.  In three of the last four years, he's batted .249, .243, and .226.  He's not the hitter he was, and his contract shouldn't assume so. 

I think this might be similiar to the other guys.  Player might want to get paid as if he was back at his peak.  Hoyer's offers will perhaps be more moderated by some recentism.  The player will probably prefer to "bet on myself, and test the market". 
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