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Re: Cubs in '22
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Players vary from year-to-year and, of course, have to take age into account as do with everybody.

For example, Contreras had a poor 2018 offensive season and then got better again.

Currently, Contreras has 3.8 bWAR in only 104 games played——All Star caliber.  Fangraphs has him considerably lower, so there’s room for debate.

The way I see it is that IF you treat Contreras as a guy inevitably in decline——that’s a formula for another contract dump and then we can play another nobody at catcher for a few seasons.

I don’t see that but rather see Contreras as one of the better catchers in baseball going forward. Not arguing that he’s a “Build Around” type of player but a very good core piece at a critical position.

So, pay market value and extend him.

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