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In those hypothetical cases, should Hoyer just offer $280 and overpay by so very much that Bogaerts or Turner can't say no? 

Yes, absolutely. The Cubs have the resources, flexibility, and depth of talent to overpay if that's what it takes. This is one of the advantages of being a big market team, and "overpaying" should not be viewed as an automatic negative.

2.  Pitchers?  What if Rodon doesn't want to come here for whatever reason?  Who knows?  Or if the Cub scouts don't really see Senga as being that good? 

If we don't pick up either Rodon or Senga, the pitching question does get tougher, to be sure. I'd be happy to sign any of DeGrom, Verlander, or Kershaw to a short term deal, but think it's likely all 3 stay with their current teams on new deals. Bassitt and Anderson are two intriguing options that lack the headliner stuff of a Rodon, but would still legitimately profile as +3WAR SP pickups. So it's not Rodon, Senga, or bust, but the quality of options does begin to fall apart after the Bassitt/Anderson tier. LIAB injury pickups include Severino, Thor, Eovaldi, Heaney, etc.

There really aren't all THAT many ideal targets at the positions we need most.  2B or 3B, like nobody, right?

Given the positional flexibility of Wisdom, Hoerner, and Morel, if the Cubs don't land one of the Big 4, they could absolutely sign someone in the Abreu-Rizzo-Mancini-Bell 1B class and reshuffle players around the diamond as necessary. Obviously preferable to sign one of the Big 4 SS and go from there, but the Cubs still have options if they don't.
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