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If I remember correctly, I believe a 0 WAR team would average about 47 wins. Add my projected 47 WAR on top of that, and you're looking at 94 wins, if my projections are reasonable. It's certainly an extremely competitive roster, especially in the NL Central.

Regarding payroll flexibility, keep in mind that in 2024, there is still a TON of money coming off the books: $23M for Heyward, $23M for Stroman, $20M for Contreras, and $10M for Happ. That's $76M dollars. And then looking ahead to 2025, the only major contracts on the books would be Top 4 SS, Suzuki, Nimmo, and Senga.

Finally, I'd suggest any of the Big 4 qualify as "superstar," with Swanson admittedly lagging the other 3.

I wouldn't suggest that any of the 3 SS at the top are superstars adding $30 million to the future payroll for multiple years won't limit the ability to add an acutal superstar or at least another near SS.

Yes there would be payroll coming off, but you have to replace them (except for Heyward), so it isn't really a net savings.  Maybe you can replace Happ with a prospect and that gets you some extra money.  It is really hard to just spend your way to a good team.

I don't think you can just add up projected WAR to get a projection.  That team, just ball parking it would be right around the Cardinals and somwhere between 84-88 projected wins.  It is a good team, getting to the next level is a lot harder with the 4 guys signed long termed and Suzuki taking up a big chunk.

C: Gomes/Hedges
1B: Abreu
2B: Hoerner
SS: Corerra
3B: Widom/McInstry/Morel
LF: Happ
CF: Bellinger (Grisham)/Morel
RF: Suzuki
SP: Stroman/Hendricks/Steel/Smyly/FA 1 year
RP: Britton/FA 1 year

They only long term payroll is Corerra.  I wouldn't be opposed to Senga, but I've seen him projected as more of a 3/4 vs TORP guy.  I really rather let the Cubs go bargin shopping there.

Long term payroll: $47 million.  And I really don't see much of a difference in how that team would project.  The Cubs are still spending money and the team might be viewed as an option for Ohtani/Soto with payroll to add.
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