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Re: Cubs in 23
« Reply #2250 on: May 26, 2023, 06:35:50 pm »
Amaya's long-term development should supersede one or two extra wins.   

*Is he best served catching 4 games a week at Iowa, and DHing a 5th?  Build some repetitions?  Play in-and-out of some slumps?
*Or better developed starting twice a week for the Cubs?  Prioritize defense, learning the pitchers and opposing hitters.  Perhaps at the expense of attention to developing his hitting? 

He's only got 73 AB in the minors.  And over the last four years, the two dozen games he's caught this spring are his first?  I understand Hoyer wanting to be a little patient and letting him stack some games away from the pressure? 

If Gomes is the catching savant the Cubs make him out to be, isn't he a really good mentor for Amaya to learn from?

I mean, I get that Amaya has had a lot of injuries lately but he's been in the minors since 2016 and has 1500 ABs or so.  It's not like they'd be rushing him.  Playing time is a concern, but it's not like Gomes is going to play 5 days a week (especially as his offense succumbs to mean reversion).