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Re: Cubs in ‘23
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Good article on Dansby Swanson's impact on the team.

Cubs leaders in bWAR are:

Hoerner  4.9

Swanson  4.7

Bellinger  4.2 (about 20 fewer games than Hoerner)

Happ       2.8

Hoerner leads Swanson because of Hoerner’s baserunning value.

Two 5 WAR players in your middle IF is pretty good. A really nice foundation.

What is lacking offensively—to get to next level— is another big thumper bat. Even if Bellinger is re-signed, for sake of discussion, that’s probably still going to be the case.

BA recently did a story about bat speed. Cubs trailers unsurprisingly were Madrigal and departed Barnhart. Madrigal’s bat just doesn’t fit very well at 3B. wRC+ of 84.