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Not much info in it.  Mooney hyperbolizes "Davis finished last season on a tear at Triple-A Iowa"; in reality, he went 3-for-27 over his last 8 games.  Little info about how his recovery is doing; whether this back issue was bothering him already last season.  "I couldnít sit down straight or like watch TV (comfortably). It sucked. And then like trying to compete on the field, too, it just wasnít a recipe for success. Iím happy to be past that and continuing to build and getting back to where I know I can be.Ē  "Past that" sounds good.  "Davisí offseason plan revolves around getting at-bats with the Mesa Solar Sox after playing in only 53 minor-league games this year (.597 OPS) and adding more strength to his 6-foot-4, 205-pound frame."  So, adding strength is a goal. 

It would obviously be really cool if he emerged as a legit starter-caliber big-leaguer over the next couple of years.  *IF* he could emerge as an **asset** starter, that would be so valuable.  But, time will tell, he's kinda been more of a projection guy than big-results guy.  (.255 career average, .444 slugging, lots of K's, his hitting or power history isn't really super compelling, it's more projection.).

His long-legged running combined with a good arm project well for OF defense.  I do wonder whether being so long-levered, whether he might actually end up having potential as a good-fielding 1B?  In the unrealistic hypothetical that Happ, PCA, Suzuki, and Canario all ended up being good and being ahead of him in the outfield, and that Mervis was to never have the defensive capacity to be a primary 1B, might Davis be a pretty quick rangy defensive 1B?  I know, dumb to waste a rangy good-armed OF at 1B; and dumb to imagine that all four of Happ-PCA-Canario-Suzuki will both be here and be good two years from now.  Just kinda fun to imagine.