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« Reply #10980 on: March 23, 2023, 03:42:26 pm »
Seattle has something of a reverse-Cubs philosophy.  Cubs kind of have the get-wildmen-with-stuff-and-control-might-come approach.  Seattle has a get-control-guys-and-we'll-add-velocity approach.  Both share the track record and premise that they can add velocity. 

I'd like to think that *IF* the Cubs reclaim Clarke, that maybe Seattle will have noticed some things and had some ideas to help him, and he'll be able to bring those back with him.  Of course spring-training is brief and proves/reflects little.  But Cubs have always started Clarke, as a low-velocity pitch-to-contact hittable innings-eater.  Seattle has used him just as a one-inning guy in camp.  Given all of the high-ceiling starters that the cubs have, I wonder if they'll reclaim Clarke and then put him back into rotation; or will transition him more toward a middle-reliever role?